At first glance, Mannheim might not seem as impressive as Munich or Hamburg, however, at second glance, it is a true hidden gem in the Rhine Neckar region. Situated directly next to the beautiful city of Heidelberg, the city is home to many exciting sights. 

Starting with the baroque castle, new impressive discoveries can be made at every corner of the city. The castle from the 18thcentury is not only an eye-catcher from the outside, but also houses interesting historical exhibits and the university. The second landmark of the city is the Water Tower located in the middle of a beautiful park, which together form the largest connected Art Nouveau complex in Germany. 

For true nature lovers, the Luisenpark is the perfect place to relax and let yourself be enchanted by the park`s many-sided attractions such as the plant show houses or the open-air animal enclosures. Extensive walks along the water can also be taken in Mannheim: both the Rhine and the Neckar rivers surround the city and offer a beautiful backdrop. 

Located directly on the Neckar River you can find the Popakademie: an amazing building that is home to a respected center for the music and creative industries. At the top of the building there is also a delicious restaurant with a terrace and a nice view over the river.

However, the most practical thing about the city is its street layout: the city center is divided into squares, 144 of which extend between the castle and the Neckar river and the Water Tower and the Kurt-Schumacher-Bridge. 

As you can see, Mannheim has a lot to offer and will certainly inspire you with its versatility. We wish you lots of fun exploring the city! 

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